Since 2011, Sidebar Legal, PC has been giving credence and support to the hopes, dreams, and desires of our clients. Instead of establishing constrictive legal parameters, our mission is to discover our clients’ core business objectives and see them to fruition by developing solutions to both the legal and business challenges they face.

About Matthew

Sometimes referred to as “an entrepreneur in a lawyer’s body”, Matthew Wilson is Sidebar Legal’s seasoned, yet unconventional, founder, able to draw from not only his impressive legal background garnered over 20 years of practice, but also his consummate corporate experience, having worked in acquisitions, strategy, human resources, corporate governance, and venture capital.

It is Matthew’s commitment to legal protocol and business strategy that sets Sidebar Legal apart from other legal service providers. Rather than merely telling clients what they may or may not do within the parameters of the law, Matthew places a strong emphasis on taking time to listen to clients and discover their core business objectives. Using this approach, he has been able to collaborate with numerous clients to answer their legal questions, and assist with their key strategy and development questions.