I was introduced to Matthew by a mutual friend. My experience [with him] has been off the charts. First, he’s a fun guy to be around. His energy is inspiring and contagious... Not only does he serve your needs, but he gives away so many brilliant ideas, strategies, marketing tips and more. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. He is the best.

What separates Matthew from the rest? He is genuine, intentional, and you can trust him. He’s a good human being that seeks to provide the best possible service for his clients, making them feel like friends.

If you need a problem solved, need to start a business, or need to strategize an investment pitch, Matthew is a fast paced/brilliant thinker. He has years of experience and wisdom to contribute to the team. I said team, because he is fully on your team when you hire him.
— Benjamin Goodpasture, Founder and CEO, Shasta Rock Club
My husband and I own a film production company here in Redding. We were introduced to Matthew Wilson a few years back; several people had mentioned him in conversations. We were not disappointed when we met him. He is a phenomenal human with great character and a fun loving personality!
Every time we have needed anything from filing paperwork to looking over contracts, Sidebar Legal has been professional, quick, and has gone above and beyond to take care of our company. Matthew Wilson and his entire legal team have integrity, compassion, and genuine care for people. They demonstrate these qualities by getting to know their clients wants, needs, and concerns. They have continuously made us feel known and protected, and sincerely looked after our best interests while also making sure to provide us with a well-rounded perspective on how we can uplift and serve those we are in competition with.
Anyone who needs legal assistance will quickly discover that unfortunately there is a cutthroat business out there. However, Sidebar Legal is for the betterment of community, relationships, and the success of humankind. Their deep wisdom, knowledgeable advice, and authentic desire to help your business is evident from the moment you walk into their office all the way through to their email communication.